About Us
GraniTite is the premier decorative coating for the new millennium. Formulated with state of the art modified resins and quartz aggregate, it will beautify and protect your property like no other coating system. 

GraniTite’s quartz aggregate has a Mohrs hardness rating of 6.5 and a compressive strength of 7,900 pounds per square inch (higher than concrete). GraniTite is colorfast, UV resistant and will upgrade the appearance level of your property.

GraniTite offers the beauty of stone and the best features of today’s coating technologies! Why use a thirty-year-old coating system when you can have GraniTite for the same price?

Why GraniTite ?
GraniTite is the first real improvement in decorative coatings in thirty years. “Knockdowns" and “overlays” all incorporate sand, Portland cement and colorants as aggregate and binders. GraniTite is made of quartz! Instead of cement it uses state of the art modified resins. The result is a decorative coating system second to none. 

GraniTite can be applied to pool decks, walkways, patios, porches, balconies, stairs, driveways, entrances, wheelchair access ramps, walls, countertops, etc.

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Our Services:

  - Pool Deck Resurfacing 
  - Sidewalk Resurfacing
  - Entrance Resurfacing 
  - Deck Resurfacing
  - Concrete Cleaning  
  - Concrete Repairs
  - Countertop Resurfacing
  - Floor Resurfacing      

Properties that need GraniTite services: 

  - Home Builders
  - Home Owners
  - Hotels & Motels
  - Real Estate Brokers
  - Swimming Pool Contractors
  - Condominiums
  - Resorts & Timeshares
  - Shopping Centers
  - Churches
  - Factories

"World's First Spray-on Granite Coating"
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